Our Story

Simply put, Escape From New York Pizza is owned by a group of friends who have become family. It was started in 1986 by, Paul Geffner and Rob Friedman, former San Francisco street artists, and Joe Goldmark, an itinerant musician.

Paul grew up on Manhattan's Lower East Side and is the "New Yorker" in
Escape From New York Pizza.

Joe has gone on to be one of the founders of
Amoeba Music and Rob moved to Portland.

It could be said that
EFNYP was started with the intent of bringing delicious, New York-style, pizza-by-the-slice to the uninitiated San Francisco masses, but that would be untrue. They needed to make a living.

Adam Levin was next to enter the fray. As the only partner with pizza experience, he quickly took over operations.

Suzanne Esser came next, from
Pizza My Heart. As EFNYP expanded, her talents were recognized and she was made the partner who ran the Castro Street store.

Tim Parker is a true "Horatio Alger" story. He began at the bottom of the totem pole, handing out flyers. It quickly became evident that he was someone special. His competence and intelligence moved him up the ladder quickly, until it became obvious that he deserved to be a full partner. He runs the Haight Street store, the busiest and most challenging location.

Rich Morin was the last one to enter the partnership. He is from Guam, an island in the middle of the Pacific. He can't swim, but he plays a great lead guitar and is responsible for the Polk Street store.

"Together we all own Escape From New York Pizza. We try to have a positive effect on our community, our employees and each other. We hope our pizza says all this, but in a non-verbal way."